13. Association

Concept: Association

Brand: Saab

With the exception of the first chapter and the chapter on Animism, the content of this site has been removed.  It is now available as an iBook, on Amazon and Nook for $7.95.  It is listed as “Isn’t it Iconic, The Why and How of Creating Great Ads.”

One Response to “13. Association”

  1. Gary Says:

    Just noticed that there’s a typo in the first paragraph on the “Borgata” with the word “Los Vegas”.

    Very informative information so far, especially for an individual like myself, who just entered the ad industry.

    The most memorable part so far comes from your analysis on the “primitive behavior of a modern man.” A definite conversation starter and thought provoker.

    I look forward to reading the complete book.

    – Gary

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